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This is a painting made in 2013. The original has been sold but a limited number of signed prints are still available.
*Max Bygraves voice* "I wanna tell you a story..We're in the process of selling our house in Rochester (now sold it seems) and relocating back to our spiritual home of Sandwich/Deal in Kent. To this end our son Felix has moved in with my sainted mother and started school in Sandwich. So I spent some time down there while he had his first few days at his new school. One evening we cleared off to Deal so he and his cousin PJ could have a swim in the sea and the next night Felix and I went for a walk around the village where mum lives. We walked for nearly two hours (more a reflection of our gait rather than the size of the village) we visited my dads grave in the churchyard (not as maudlin an activity as it sounds) and then, spurred on by this, we carried on to trek to a secret wood that my dad used to take us to when we (my brother, sister and I) were nippers. The woods are called The Brooks and seemed entirely magical when we were small. There were deep holes in the beds of the brooks which bubbled continuously (these, we named inky-pinks) and glorious trees that created a splendid church-like canopy. Thankfully they remain untouched and it was really lovely to take my son on the same journey that my dad took us nearly 40 years ago (even though I wasn't able to cut horseradish roots out of the path like he could) This painting of Oscar and kitten exploring the woods is a celebration of a particularly lovely evening spent with my own kitten. I hope that you like it rxx Rochester September 2013