The Beaten Path

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This is a painting made in 2012. The original has been sold but a limited number of signed prints are still available. The title is from a poem by the American poet David W Wirth that I rather like

The Beaten Path

I’ve walked alone down a beaten path
Where many have walked before
Only to find I was walking behind
Those who cared no more So venture I thought and start anew
A path for those who follow
One that’ll be there for those who care
About yesterday as well as tomorrow Now yesterday’s gone, but not without a thought
Of the result of the effort’s we gave
For it was a start and we did our part
But it is merely a dent that we made So today we must do the best that we can
In all that we’ve been given to do
For there’s no guarantee today we will see
The end of the day when it’s through And if by chance tomorrow arrives
And brings with it another today
May we have gratitude for the time well used
Before it becomes yesterday But there’s only one day that matters
And yesterday and tomorrow it’s not
So it must be today and I’ve longed to say
Make the best of the time you’ve got And if you ever walk the beaten path
Remember to venture away
And start anew so those following you
Can travel that path someday